Gaming and Gambling

Gambling addiction, just like most addictions, causes negative consequences in one’s life because of inability to stop. This includes cards, casino, sports betting, lottery, etc. There are several risk factors that can increase the likelihood of developing this addiction, such as accessibility, social acceptance, or norms, and being an adolescent. With current laws and policies in Virginia, this increases the accessibility and acceptance of participating in different gambling methods.

Virginia legally allows state-run lottery, casino gaming, sports betting, horse racing, skill gaming, and charitable gaming. After recent laws legalizing new forms of betting The Responsible Gambling Promotion Program was created to implement strategies that provide education, information dissemination, community-based processes, and environmental change. The program works closely with the 40 CSB’s and in partnership with the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling and the Virginia Lottery and Gaming Department.

Problem Gambling Prevention – Overview
Problem Gambling Prevention – Virginia