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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my password, how do I reset it?

You can reset your password using this link: https://virginiapreventionworks.org/reset-password

2-Factor authentication is not working. What should I do?

You can reset your 2FA settings on this page: https://virginiapreventionworks.org/edit-profile-2fa/
If you are unable to reset your 2FA or resolve the issue please send an email to omnisupport@omni.org escalate the issue. Please make sure you whitelist noreply@virginiapreventionworks.org in your email client to avoid the code going to your junk folder.

How do I change my portal password?

After logging in you can click on “edit profile” to update your password.

I am unable to access the member registration page, how do I receive the password to set up an account?

Please submit an email to omnisupport@omni.org to request the password.

Where did all of my old posts go? How are they categorized?

During the website refresh project we recategorized all posts and removed all out-dated content. We also removed all inactive members and deleted their accounts and required all members to re register. All migrated posts are organized under new categories and assigned to the main VPW admin user.

What has changed on the portal?

The following changes have been applied to the portal;

  • Refreshed front-end user interface design
  • Recategorized content into more relevant sections
  • Removed all old and out-dated content
  • Removed all inactive members
  • Updated public facing content
  • Improved security and back-end process
  • Upgraded all back-end plugins and related software
  • Cleaned up resources download database

Request Support

General Support and Issues

Please fill out our support form to submit a support inquiry. VPW Staff will reach out to to discuss your inquiry.

Member Removal Request

Please fill out our web form to request a member account deletion. Your request will be reviewed by VPW Staff.

Submit an Issue

Please fill out the fields below to submit your technical bug or issue.

If you are having trouble submitting the form, you can submit an issue directly to our email address at "production+root-virginia-prevention-works-55-issue-@omdevops.com".

IMPORTANT: If you have general questions or content requests please reach out to OMNI at omnisupport@omni.org.