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Virginia is working to address specific behavioral health and substance use issues across the state. Key areas of focus for Virginia’s prevention efforts include: youth alcohol use, youth and adult binge drinking, youth tobacco/nicotine use (cigarette and e-cigarette use), suicide/mental health, and opioid, stimulant, and OTC overdoses and misuse. For an overview of specific behavioral health indicators in VA, visit the Virginia Social Indicator Dashboard (VASIS).

Some key behavioral health indicator data being tracked by the evaluation team (definitions and links below) include:

Behavioral Health Indicator Data Virginia United States

Youth alcohol use in the past 30 days

(YRBS, 2019)

25.4% 29.2%
Youth binge drinking in the past 30 days
(YRBS, 2019)
12.7% 13.7%

Adult binge drinking in past month

(BRFSS, 2019)

15.3% 16.8%
Youth cigarette use in past 30 days
(YRBS, 2019)
5.5% 6.0%

Youth e-cigarette use in the past 30 days

(YRBS, 2019)

19.9% 32.7%

Youth accessing tobacco/nicotine on their own

(YRBS, 2019)

8.4% 8.1%

Adult tobacco use

(BRFSS, 2019)

14.0% 16.0%

Pain reliever misuse (12+ years old)

(NSDUH, 2019)

3.4% 3.6%

Suicide (rate per 100,000)

(AHR, 2020)

14.5 14.8


Here are some useful links to find the most up to date data on these and many other behavior health indicators:

Our Prevention Work in Numbers

Virginia’s prevention workforce is implementing many impactful initiatives in their communities. Some of these initiatives are described in more detail below. For a comprehensive look at the prevention efforts taking place across Virginia, please see Our Initiatives.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a Suicide Prevention Training Program that helps participants assess those at risk of suicide. ASIST Trainers are those who have gone through extensive training to be able to lead and train others.

ASIST trainers 72
Individuals trained in ASIST 3,534


MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) is a skills-based training course teaching participants about substance use and mental health issues. MHFA Trainers are those who have gone through extensive training to be able to lead and train others.

MHFA trainers 553
Adults and youth trained in MHFA 70,505


SYNAR program works to prevent underage tobacco use and distribution. This program is measured by tracking the rate of compliance of tobacco retailers preventing sales to underage youth in Virginia.

SYNAR Retailer Violation Rate (2018) 10.1%
Tobacco retailers visited 33


Lock and Talk efforts educate communities in storing and securing lethal means while distributing safety devices, which include medication lock boxes, gun trigger locks, and gun cable locks.

Lock and Talk devices distributed 6862



ACEs trainings teach participants about the biological, health, and social impacts of ACEs and strategies to support the health and well-being of community members.

Trainings provided to the community 284
Individuals trained in ACEs 9,499



Virginia is building community connections through coalitions that support strategy implementation by creating a network of stakeholders.

Active coalitions across the state 61
Coalition Members 1,536
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