Virginia Young Adult Survey

The Virginia Young Adult Survey (YAS) is a survey of 18 to 25-year-olds on mental health and substance use behaviors. Topics include depression, adverse childhood experiences, substance use, problem gambling, among others. As part of the FY 2021-22 and FY 2022-23 Block Grant initiatives, The Office of Behavioral Health Wellness implemented the YAS as a statewide effort, partnering with OMNI Institute to design the survey. The YAS is designed to be culturally responsive and comprehensive, reflecting the diverse experiences of young adults across the state. The survey is planned to be administered again every two years.

Thanks to the dedication of each Community Services Board (CSB) within their catchment areas, the YAS reached over 11,000 respondents in the spring of 2022 and 2024 across the commonwealth.


To view the most recent data in-depth, review the VASIS Dashboard.