The 2022 Virginia Community Readiness Report captures Virginians’ preparedness to engage in problem gambling and marijuana use prevention

Virginia’s Office of Behavioral Health Wellness (OBHW) within the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) received funding to support prevention efforts targeted towards marijuana and problem gambling. Two community readiness assessments, one for gaming and gambling and one for cannabis, are included in this report providing community insight on related behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, and environment. Additional history and context as well as reflections are also noted in the report. The results from this community readiness report will be used to help determine priorities for efforts to prevent marijuana use disorders and problem gambling and gaming disorders across Virginia. Click on the PDF of ‘Understanding Virginians’ Preparedness to Engage in Problem Gambling and Marijuana Use Prevention’ to find out more about the level of readiness across various domains in the commonwealth.

Understanding Virginians