The DBHDS Behavioral Health Wellness Office is responsible for promoting behavioral health wellness through a comprehensive array of strategies proven to reduce substance abuse and promote mental health. Substance abuse and mental illness share some common risk and protective factors. As a result of reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors for substance abuse, not only will substance abuse prevalence consumption and related consequences be reduced, but prevention of mental illness may be impacted as well.

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  • UPDATE: Entering Cohort Demographics
    In CSB Post
    Updating demographics for cohorts in the Plan Channel or when closing out the cohort will NOT affect demographics in previously recorded activities.  However, as long as the demographics, and other fields, are updated in the Plan Channel and correct when the cohort is closed – you will not […]
  • ACE Interface Master Trainer Cohorts 3 and 4
    In General
    Good afternoon. As most of you are aware, we now have 2 cohorts of ACE Interface Master Trainers in our state. These cohorts are made up of represenatives from nearly half of our 40 CSBs. If your CSB hasn’t yet had the opportunity to participate in one of these cohorts, your chance is coming […]
  • Important TA on Entering Cohort Demographics in PBPS
    In General
    OMNI is taking this opportunity to share some important information regarding entering Block Grant/OPT-R cohort data in PBPS. This will be especially applicable to those who may be closing cohorts soon! For all cohorts, participant demographics should be entered only in the Plan Channel. Once […]
  • Rescheduled- ASIST training in Southside
    In CSB Post
  • Youth Coalition Opportunity
    In General
    I’m passing on an opportunity for any of your partners who do awareness-raising tobacco control activities with youth. We have a relationship with a youth advocacy network in New York State called Reality Check, and they attend the Altria shareholders meeting in VA annually with their youth […]
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