The DBHDS Behavioral Health Wellness Office is responsible for promoting behavioral health wellness through a comprehensive array of strategies proven to reduce substance abuse and promote mental health. Substance abuse and mental illness share some common risk and protective factors. As a result of reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors for substance abuse, not only will substance abuse prevalence consumption and related consequences be reduced, but prevention of mental illness may be impacted as well.

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  • State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant Year 2 PREVENTION FUNDING
    In General
    Greetings! Here’s a clarification to alleviate any confusion about SOR Year 2 funding. Last week, CSBs received a SOR Year 2 Call for CSB Proposals. On the bottom of page 1 it says “All SOR Prevention proposals will be managed separately through the Office of Behavioral Health Wellness and […]
  • safeTALK Training for Trainers
    In General
    Happy Friday Everyone, We did not get enough interest from potential qualified participants to host a safeTALK T4T in August.  If you are interested in becoming a trainer, please attend an ASIST class as soon as possible.  *safeTALK T4T participants must have completed an ASIST class within 24 […]
  • June 2019 TA Newsletter
    In CSB Post
    The June 2019 issue of the OMNI TA Newsletter was emailed to you on June 15th. If you would prefer to view the newsletter online, you may click here. If you know others amongst your staff who would like to be added to the newsletter email distribution list, please send the email address and request […]
  • Virtual Summit-Beyond Grants
    In Conference/Training
    Christa Shifflett will be presenting at the Virtual Summit Beyond Grants: Innovative Ways to Get Funding and Other Resources for Substance Abuse Prevention, Recovery, and Community Health Improvement Coalitions The summit will take on June 25th from 1-5:30 EDT and is free.  It will be available for […]
    In General
    This post will not be boring. In fact, I hope that as you read your level of excitement increases and the creative juices get flowing like the Shenandoah River after a downpour!   […]


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2018-19 Master Data Entry Plan for BG and OPT-R
2018-19 Master Data Entry Plan for BG and OPT-R
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