The DBHDS Behavioral Health Wellness Office is responsible for promoting behavioral health wellness through a comprehensive array of strategies proven to reduce substance abuse and promote mental health. Substance abuse and mental illness share some common risk and protective factors. As a result of reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors for substance abuse, not only will substance abuse prevalence consumption and related consequences be reduced, but prevention of mental illness may be impacted as well.

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  • CADCA forum
    In CADCA Training, Conference/Training
    It was my first time attending a CADCA forum and my first time at a conference like that. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go back to more. I loved seeing all of the people from different parts of the nation, the break out sessions, and exploring a city that I have never been to before. My […]
  • CADCA 2019
    In CSB Post
    There were many common themes throughout the week at CADCA. A few that stuck out to me were the power of connecting the dots and people on the continuum of treatment, recovery, and prevention initiatives, the increase in commercialism and potency of today’s marijuana, and the all consuming […]
  • CADCA FORUM 2019
    In CSB Post
    Wow!  This was my first time attending the CADCA FORUM, what an amazing event!  The venue was just gorgeous and what a YOUTH PRESENCE!  I am so proud of all of you! My biggest take from the Forum is that this is a joint effort.  It takes every entity coming together to make the plan work.  It truly […]
  • CADCA Learnings for RAYSAC
    In CSB Post
    Jim O’Hare, RAYSAC Chair and Youth Care Administrator for the City of Roanoke, attended CADCA this year on behalf of the Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition (RAYSAC). He gave a Power Point presentation to the coalition on 2/14 to share some of his most memorable takeaways.  Among those […]
  • Media coverage for New River Valley REVIVE! trainings
    In Success Stories
    We all know that engagement with local media outlets is a critical component of our outreach efforts. With this in mind, I wanted to share a ‘real life’ example of how this can directly impact what we do. Yesterday, our team conducted the first of our standing monthly REVIVE! trainings […]
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2018-19 Master Data Entry Plan for BG and OPT-R
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