Virtual training on SEL

June 9th, 11:15-12:15 Social Emotional Learning in the Chemistry Classroom | Chemical ...

Yolanda Waymer-Hall, M.Ed. – Prevention Coordinator, Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services

Jacquelyn Smith-White, MSW, MPhil – Prevention Coordinator, Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services

Mind Full or Mindful?  Reclaiming My Time...

Are the participants in your program missing out on the Present because they are too busy muddling through the Past or the Future?  This workshop offers an introduction to how participants can reclaim their time and truly experience the present moment through Mindfulness Practice during Out-of-School Time programming.  Learn how this practice is currently being used to support students during out of school time and how to engage parents in the process, as well.  Gain a better understanding of how the practice of Mindfulness and Breathing can support the improvement of two SEL Competencies, self-awareness, and self-management skills. This interactive workshop will equip program professionals with practical applications and resources that can be implemented immediately.  Incorporating this practice will empower program professionals and staff, strengthen their capacity to minimize stress in their programs, increase student readiness to learn and fully experience the present, and improve the overall culture of the program.

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