Frequently asked questions

What is the interface/interaction between the National Council and our individual training participants? Some concern that this extra step will cause communication confusion.

  • The Instructors will interface with NC via email – when they are sent materials or when they have questions/concerns about their courses.  This will happen via our Customer Service Team ( or via automatic email from the Learning Management System.

How do we substitute people/seats if we have a cancellation or substitute participant? 

  • We can refund you training units for no-shows and people who need to cancel their participation in the course.  There are some cases in which you will be refunded automatically and some cases you will need to request a refund from us.  We definitely want to make sure get unused seats back for the individuals that do not show up to your instructor led session(s).

Will CSBs be reimbursed for seat fees (tokens) like we were for manuals? 

  • I am currently submitting the requests for reimbursements.

Could DBHDS purchase bulk “tokens” and distribute to each CSB? .

  • I prefer having the CSBs, and other instructors, purchase their own tokens. I think it could be an administrative nightmare having DBHDS purchase the tokens and then redistributing them to all of the CSBs and other instructors throughout the state.

Will the state cover the total cost of the virtual/blended MHFA or just a certain amount and we will need to make up the rest? 

  • If you are speaking about the Instructor training, right now yes. You have to send me a request for reimbursement, on Letterhead, and the Invoice for the training as you did for the manuals. The only difference is you need to include the names of the individuals participating in the training, along with their contact information.

Will Mike O. be the MHFA coordinator and seats be purchased through him or can we purchase seats ourselves?

  • I will still be the coordinator but seats should be purchased by the Instructor(s).

How will payment work as an instructor?  

  • Instructors are prompted to pay for their certification when logging into the LMS for the first time.  They can pay via credit card or purchase order.  If you are paying for Instructors to be certified through a purchasing order, please let our MHFAorders@thenationalcouncil,org team know this so they have this on file.  Instructors will have the opportunity to input purchase order information into the LMS as a payment method so you can share that information with the Instructors you intend on paying certification fees for.  If you do not have a purchase order on file with us, your Instructors can still select the Purchase Order option, input their information, and then be billed for the certification fee.  Instructors can purchase training units for their courses with a credit card or a purchase order.  It’s the exact same process for training units as outlined above.

What are the training requirements per year?

  • The training requirements remain the same, however virtual and blended courses will count towards your sessions per year just as in-person sessions would.

After the initial TOT training we were asked to complete the survey and you were certified. The following week we were given a series of online training classes. My question is when are you officially certified? Same here sending this to the National Council

  • The Instructor certification is a self-paced course that typically takes, at minimum, two hours to complete.  Instructors can take as long as they want to complete the Instructor course.  The Instructor training coursework needs to be completed and the MHFA staff needs to mark completed Instructors as certified in the LMS in order them to receive a congratulations email offering them their MHFA Zoom account (if they are a virtual Instructor) and LMS access to begin managing courses.

When can I start training? 

  • After you receive the certification confirmation. This is correct!  The login information for the Instructor to get started in the LMS will also be in this email.

When will the new manual be available? 

  • The manuals are not available for download at this time.  However, they are available for viewing in the Instructor’s LMS account.  Once Instructors are fully certified, they are given access to all of the teaching materials for their courses.  Fully certified Instructors are able to purchase training units to redeem for seats in their courses.