We are excited to share that OMNI has made several updates to the Community Snapshot reports on the VASIS dashboard. These reports were formerly called Community Level Reports. The goal of the Community Snapshot is to summarize available data from multiple tabs in a single report. You can create a Community Snapshot for any Locality or CSB in Virginia and it will include the most recent data available across multiple indicators.

OMNI made several updates to the Community Snapshot report to make them easier to use. We want to highlight four changes:

  • The report is now organized by topic area to match the groupings in the “View by Data Source” menu. There are four main sections – Population which includes Census, Poverty, and Unemployment data; Fatalities which includes Overdoses, Suicide, and Death data; Health Services which includes Behavioral Health Services, Hospitalizations, and Mental Health data; and Justice which includes Drug Cases, Department of Juvenile Justice, and Uniform Crime Reports data.
  • The Community Snapshot displays the most recent year of data that available on the dashboard for each data source. The year that is displayed is now included in the title of each table within the report.
  • The Community Snapshots are linked to the Data Source pages. If you click on the name of any data source you will be directed to that tab in the dashboard.
  • Changes were made to the overall look and feel of the Community Snapshot reports to be consistent with the theme of the other pages in the revamped dashboard.

We also wanted to remind you of two resource pages that are available. These can be found under the Resource section of the dashboard. The Glossary page contains definitions of common terms used on the dashboard and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page contains answers to frequently asked questions about the dashboard.

We hope you find the new Community Snapshot reports helpful as you continue to use the VASIS dashboard! Please reach out to OMNISupport@omni.org with questions.

One Responses

  • Community Snapshots still only reflect 2017 as most recent data. When will it be updated to reflect more current years?

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