Just wanted you to know that we are working on the Exhibit Ds for the SABG CAA Supplemental funds that must be spent by March 10, 2023.  The goal is to have them done and the money will be on the CSBs Warrant #4, August 16, 2021. If anything delays that, I will let you know!

The SABG ARPA funds for September 2021-September 2025 have to be approved by the General Assembly and we also have to get a Notice of Award from SAMHSA before we can move forward. As soon as I know…you’ll know too!

Remember to sign up for the 2021 NPN Conference! Virginia finished 1st in attendance last year so hopefully we can do it again! Remember $3000 was added to your base allocation several years ago to accommodate national conferences! Next year it should be back in person in Birmingham, Alabama!

Any questions, please post in response to this post!

Be well and stay cool! Gail


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