The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (RASAP) created a campaign showing the dangers of opioid and other substance use within our community. The campaign is titled “The RX Reality” and has been promoted through social media, our website, and billboards. The idea was to show the different consequences of substance use, misuse and abuse as the “side effects.” One of the large parts of this project was a series of testimonial videos.  The participants were all well-known residents of the City of Danville or Pittsylvania County area with various perspectives including law enforcement, mental health, treatment, family members, and individuals with first hand experience.  We were thrilled with how well this project turned out! Since the release of the videos, organizations such as Danville Parks & Recreation and Boys & Girls Club of the Danville Area have used the videos to educate individuals who participate in their programs.  The videos were edited into three different versions: one minute versions that are used for promotion on Facebook, three minute versions that are posted on our website ( and full-length versions that vary in length from six to twenty minutes long. Our hope is that these stories will help educate others on the consequences of substance use, misuse and abuse.

We would love for everyone to take the time to watch the videos. The RASAP Youtube videos can be found here:

We update our Facebook page on a regular basis with the RX Reality videos as well as posts on other substance use prevention topics: