The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide recruited national partners to assist in developing a trauma informed online learning experience, Navigating Back to School, to assist school communities with the return to school (in-person or virtual) in response to COVID.

Starting school this year will be a daunting prospect for every member of the school community. This online learning experience recognizes that challenge and provides simple, easy to apply information and activities to get everyone in the school on the same page, from educators, ancillary staff, parents, and students as young as kindergarten. Using a variety of training formats that include animation, video clips, interactive exercises and instructional content, these short modules will help set the tone for a school year where everyone is prepared to deal with the unexpected and keep their focus on the important educational mission of the school.

We are proud to share this comprehensive tool to address the entire school community. There are specific modules for: Elementary School Staff, Middle/High School Staff, Ancillary School Staff, Parents, High School Students, Middle School Students, Upper and Lower Elementary School Students – all from a trauma informed approach. The elementary and middle school modules are video based (animated for elementary school) and include discussion points for teacher/parents. We also were strategic in keeping the “seat time” to 15 minutes or less and providing many supplemental resources and guides for school staff, as we know they have a lot going on right now!

These modules are available, at no cost, at

Dawn Doherty
Executive Director

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide
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