November 16, 2021
This is to advise you of a recent policy clarification, involving CSAT, CMHS, OFR, and the Office of General Counsel, regarding the nonallowable use of Block Grant standard or supplemental funding for loan repayment or tuition reimbursement for employees, or for staff contractors, of SABG grantees or subrecipients.
As a result of this policy clarification, CSAP SPOs  are requested to advise your grantees in writing  that SABG Funding is not approved for the use by grantees or subrecipients for workforce recruitment and retention measures involving staff loan repayments or tuition reimbursement.
This prohibition includes FY 21 and FY 22 SABG standard funds, as well as FY 21 SABG COVID-19 Supplemental Funding, and FY 21 SABG ARP Supplemental Funding.
Specifically, SABG funds may not be used for this purpose, due to the fact that this is non-allowable augmentation of other funding, for the same purpose, that has been appropriated through other authorized legislation and programs.
CSAP SPOS are requested to immediately communicate by email this prohibited use of SABG funds to your grantees, and to advise me when these notifications have been completed.
Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns in this regard.
Thank you for your assistance in all of our continuing efforts to assure the most appropriate and best use of SABG funding by our grantees and their subrecipients..
Thank you and best regards,
Dr. Walker
Thia Jasmine Walker, DrPH, MPH, CPM
Public Health Advisor (Technical Assistance Lead)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration ( SAMHSA)
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention ( CSAP
Office of Prevention Innovation ( OPI)


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