I hope everyone is practicing self care as we navigate our new environment! I posted earlier in the week creative ways to do our work as we practice social distancing and telework mandates. I was asked to put together COVID19 Standards of Care for Prevention that DBHDS will be sending out for all areas of care. It’s the same info but reworded and is below. Once again, please continue to POST any creative ways you are assisting the community in this new space of COVID19.  If anyone is posting anything for parents coping with kids at home please share! Be well! Gail

COVID19 BH Wellness Standards of Care

 Crucial time for Prevention staff to be in place due to the heightened risk of suicide, substance misuse, depression and anxiety. Prevention Professionals across not only the Commonwealth, but the country, and have been rallied to:

–          Keep the community informed with information on wellness, healthy coping measures

–          Continued community engagement to decrease social isolation which heightens the risk in those problem areas identified above through the creative use of social media messaging and creative technology based, community engagement strategies, i.e. Zoom coalition meetings, educational opportunities, self-care messages

–          Connect with program participants via telecommunications to continue connections and remote availability

–          Decrease suicide and other behavioral health risks and increase the ever important protective factors of community engagement, wellness information and available resources.


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  • Anne Moss Rogers, Registered safeTALK trainer

    Does anyone know if there is an online support group for parents struggling with a child who has been suicidal? I will also check with NAMI and see if they do. I’m getting an unprecedented number of calls and texts about parents struggling with all kids at home and no work who have a child struggling with thoughts of suicide or who has just had a child return from psych hospital to the home environment.

  • That’s awesome Melissa!

    We have a daily Hope is Not Cancelled post on the RACSB Facebook page (our branding campaign over the past year is HopeStarter). The posts include self-care, positive affirmations, and general wellness tips/information.

    Sherry Thompson, Prevention Specialist, provided a quick blog spot for the RACSB website:

    More to come!

    • Thank you!!!

  • NCTSN has a great parent-caregiver guide with tips by developmental stage

    National Alliance For Grieving Children has a great workbook for children and teens

    Scholastic has online educational resources

    Chesterfield County has launched a “Calm, Connected Caring Chesterfield” campaign from the Chesterfield Prevention Services Facebook page to provide daily tips on positive coping skills and strategies to maintain social connections and do positive actions during COVID-19 response.

    • Thank you!!!!

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