The OMNI TA Team has put together some recommended language to use when inviting your coalition members to complete the Coalition Readiness and Effectiveness Assessment. This will help to ensure an easy administration and provides consistent instructions across all CSBs. You can copy and paste the below text into an email that you share with your members. Please customize the “XXXXX” areas. As a recommended option, you may attach the paper version of the survey to the email should your members wish to preview the survey before taking it. The paper survey is attached to this post, as is the Toolkit to aid you in collecting data from coalitions. These files are also available on your account- please let your OMNI TA know if you need assistance with access!

Coalition Readiness & Effectiveness Assessment Toolkit_8-2020


SUBJECT: Instructions for Completing the Coalition Assessment Survey

Dear Coalition Members,

We are asking for about 15-20 minutes of your time to complete an important survey that is designed to help identify the strengths of our coalition as well as areas that can be strengthened to improve our coalition’s overall functioning.

We ask that you complete this survey from start to finish in one sitting, as you will not be able to return to a partially completed survey. Please answer all questions!

The link to the survey is here:

The name of the Coalition you are assessing is: “XXXXX. You will need to enter this in the survey.

The name of our CSB is: “XXXXX. Please select the correct name from the dropdown list in the survey.

If you wish to preview the survey before you start, please see the attached paper version of the tool.

Thank you in advance for sharing your valuable input!




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