Prevention Talks is an open online discussion hosted by APSI with speakers who will explore some of the current issues and their potential impact on prevention research and practice.  Speakers will represent a variety of stakeholders in the field including prevention decision-makers at the state and regional level; prevention scientists discussing recent findings with practice implications; and prevention and practice experts working in the primary contexts of prevention services—community coalitions, workplace, family programs, school, media and environment-based programming.


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Prevention Talk # 3:

Providing Family-Based Prevention during COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Prevention

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2:00 PM EDT

Zoom Meeting

Family life all over the world has dramatically changed over the past several months as we all have faced the COVID-19 pandemic.  As families are the most important proximal influence on the health and well-being of children and youth, the stress of changing family structures and interactions has the potential of profoundly influencing the behavioral choices that youth make, specifically, as to  whether to use substances or engage in risky behaviors. Parents are struggling to work from home while caring for and homeschooling children; and many are facing job loss or job insecurity or food insecurity. At the same time, children and youth face their own struggles as they are missing out being in school with their peers and experiencing those transitions or “rites of passage” that are very important to their social and emotional development.


Family-based prevention interventions have demonstrated effectiveness with a strong level of evidence to address substance use in the family by providing and building parenting skills to raise and nurture children so that they are resilient and display prosocial behavior. But, in the midst of the pandemic and with these new added stresses, how can these programs reach parents with COVID-19 protective approaches—e.g., through virtual platforms? What can prevention professionals do to reach out to parents, acknowledge and…  read more


Guest Speakers:

Douglas Coatsworth, PhD

Cathy Hockaday, PhD

Wadih Maalouf, PhD


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