I hope all are well as we continue to “washy,washy ” and practice social distancing! Social distancing, the opposite of how we work…always networking and making connections to make it happen! In these times, our work is more important than ever as our communities deal with fear and uncertainty, become isolated, kids and other young people out of school, many unsupervised. Many increased risks for substance misuse, anxiety and depression! With social distancing in place, we just have to be creative in how we do it!

On Friday’s  NASADAD (National Association of Substance Abuse Directors) call, Sarah Mariani, Washington State NPN and NPN President, offered the following for community coalitions and prevention staff:

  • Facebook Posts with Wellness messages
  • Virtual Coalition Meetings
  • Remotely Touching Base with Program Participants to make they are ok
  • Webinars and Online Professional Development

In prevention, we have always gone from Plan A to be to C and all the way to Z. I already know, you are on it! Thank you for identifying those creative solutions to work and letting the community know, you’re still there and assisting in creating community paths to wellness!

Please, post anything you’re posting on your Facebook pages or websites which may trigger ideas for others! Also, post any interesting resources you have found that the workforce may benefit from. We’ll be on it too!

Thanks for all you do and be safe! Gail

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  • In addition to posts to the agency and coalition (The Community Collaborative for Youth and Families) Facebook pages, we created little lunch notes as our day program is preparing and delivering meals to club members. Some of the notes are kid jokes and some are inspirational quotes. We have also sent the files to the school divisions to include in their meal distribution if they’d like. We are planning some story times for FB as well as ramping up messaging for Resilience Week (May 3 – 9) as we anticipate not being able to host in person community events like planned movie screenings.

    • Thank you so much! Amazing ideas!

  • I can not agree more. As is emphasized in ASIST, events associated with feelings of loss coupled with feelings of hopelessness can lead to depression and suicidal ideation. There has never been a more important time for Prevention. I have been doing regular Facebook posts from Chesterfield County Prevention’s Facebook page and would absolutely LOVE to share others or steal ideas from them. Will everyone who has a FB page please share what it is? Also, can we create a place on the portal for posting any resources we find or create related to coping during this crisis?

    • Thanks Melissa!!!! The time in Now! Gail

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