Greetings CSBs,

We are pleased to announce that CPGSI will be releasing Version 3 of the Performance Based Prevention System (PBPS v3) for Virginia CSBs this fall.  The next version of the system adds features to make data entry and reporting easier for users and enhances system security.  CPGSI has been working with OMNI and DBHDS to prepare for this transition.

CPGSI will provide an overview of the new features and functionality at the BG Evaluation Summit on October 28th (registration link for the summit is here).  Then, CPGSI will offer various training opportunities for users in November.  Please look for an email with training dates, times, and links to register for these future trainings.  At least one staff member with Administrator privileges from each CSB must attend training in order to access the new system.

We expect that beginning October 18th, CSBs will not be able to access the PBPS. During this time CPGSI will migrate data from the current system into PBPS v3.  After a user with Administrator privileges at your CSB has completed training, that user will receive login information and your CSB will be able to access PBPS v3.

In order to prepare for this transition, we recommend that CSBs take steps to prepare data in the PBPS. CPGSI will migrate your data as it is in the PBPS as of October 18th.  We will be sending specific tips and instructions to assist with this data preparation within the next week.

We are excited to launch PBPS v3 with Virginia!


CPGSI, DBHDS, and the OMNI Evaluation Team


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