Greetings All! While communicating with CSBs, we learned about the many different Lock and Talk strategies being implemented across Virginia, such as “Lock and Talk—Information Dissemination” or “Lock and Talk—Lethal Means Restriction.” This is to inform CSBs on a new update CPG has implemented for the Strategy, “Lock and Talk.” For campaigns and cohorts, you can now select “Lock and Talk” in the dropdown menu under Strategy. Below is a table that shows the output type and CSAP Strategy that should be selected in order to have the option of Lock and Talk as the strategy. This addition to the Strategy dropdown menu will allow you to pull reports on all Lock and Talk activities together rather than having to pull each component separately.  We are also asking that all Lock and Talk related cohorts and campaigns are registered in the Plan Channel with Lock and Talk as the Strategy.  

  Output type CSAP strategy Strategy
Campaigns Media generated Information dissemination Lock and Talk
  Community Change Environmental Lock and Talk
Cohorts (merchant education) Community Change Environmental Lock and Talk

  Attached you will also find a Lock and Talk data entry plan to follow when registering the various Lock and Talk strategies in PBPS. 

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This Lock and Talk only data entry plan outlines each of the potential Lock and Talk components that you may be implementing.  Each Lock and Talk component should be its own cohort or campaign.  Separating out each component will allow us to have more accurate reporting.  It will eventually be added into the overall Master Data Entry Plan document posted on the portal later this fall. If you have any questions or if you want to walk through this process, please reach out to us at Thanks! OMNI TA Team