Thanks for attending OMNI’s 9/2/2020 Zoom Meeting to introduce you to the updated Coalition Readiness & Effectiveness Assessment tool and process. As promised, here is a list of the related materials we said we would share, including a recording of the meeting. These are all available in in the Block Grant Coalition Assessment Video and Supporting Documents section of the OMNI TA Resources for CSBs folder.

  • Recording of Zoom Meeting
  • PowerPoint Slides PDF
  • Coalition Assessment Paper Survey
    • This is handy for you or your coalition to review and also if taking the online survey is not possible. If it is used for actual data collection, you will need to enter completed surveys into Qualtrics.
  • Coalition Assessment Toolkit
    • This offers all instructions for administration and includes the live survey link that is to be shared with your coalition members. It also gives guidance for sharing your results.
  • Coalition Assessment Codebook
    • To help you more easily interpret the responses in your Excel data file, we have prepared an annotated version of the Coalition Assessment Tool as a data codebook. It presents each question’s “variable name” and defines the values that are assigned to each response option for each question.


Distributing the Updated Assessment


Survey Results

  • On a quarterly basis, beginning October 1, 2020, each CSB will be provided with an Excel spreadsheet with all survey responses to-date. The spreadsheet will automatically be uploaded to in your CSB folder called Coalition Assessment Data.
  • This spreadsheet is incremental, with new responses being added each quarter.
    • You won’t see an Excel file in the folder until you have actual data to share.
    • If you need to request this spreadsheet outside of the quarterly distributions, please let us know and we can provide this directly.
  • To help you more easily interpret the responses in your Excel data file, refer to the codebook described in the list of resources above.
  • A report with charted and graphed scores is in development. When ready, this will be automatically uploaded to your Coalition Assessment Data folder as well.


Questions from Meeting: Several great questions surfaced during our Zoom Meeting. Here is a recap:

Q: How many members need to complete the survey?

A: There is no minimum nor maximum, but the goal is to have at least 75% of your membership complete the survey each time.

Q: How many times a year do we need to have members take the survey?

A: There is not a prescribed number of times but we ask that all CSBs administer at least one baseline assessment in FY2020-21. You should allow a minimum of about 6 months between assessments. Members taking the survey should not be brand new to the coalition, as they should have some understanding of the work and functioning of the coalition first.

Q: When should we start using this survey?

A: You can start at any time! Be sure your coalition has been together at least 4-6 months so they will have context for answering questions. If you have more recently completed a coalition readiness assessment with your coalition (e.g., PFS communities), you may want to wait until later in FY2020-21 to administer the baseline survey.

Q: Can we offer incentives to members? What are some ideas?

A: Yes. You can offer tangible items such as meals or gift cards, especially when gathering to review results. Most important, you can share the importance of the process in helping to better reach the goals of the coalition and the overall functioning of the group.

Q: Does OMNI offer any additional TA or Training around coalition development, life cycles, or using results?

A: Yes! Please reach out to to explore options.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!