Greetings CSBs and Communities,

We are getting in touch to let you know about some recent updates and changes made in CPG’s PBPS system that will affect your data entry procedures. These will streamline your data entry, likely reduce some errors/rejections, and will also provide more clarity in the data you enter.

As a reminder, please do not enter any block-grant funded activities (even if blended with SOR or PFS funding) into PBPS with a date of 7/1/20 or later, until our TA Team gives you approval to do so.

PBPS Changes Overview:

  • Secondary funding field has moved from the Implement Channel to the Plan Channel
    • You will now be able to indicate both primary and secondary funders for each cohort or campaign in the Plan Channel just one time! You will no longer need to repeatedly indicate the secondary funder when you enter an activity in the Implement Channel.
    • Your Data Entry Plan for FY2020-21 will reflect this change.
  • Expanded gender demographics options
    •  We’ve added new ‘transgender’ and ‘other’ options to the gender fields in the demographics sections of PBPS (Plan Channel and Implement Channel). This will allow for more accurate data to be entered when it is possible to collect it.
    • We’ve adapted our Word document attendance sheet templates to reflect this addition that you can use for in-person events or meetings (see TA Resources in
    • We’ve also created a very brief SurveyMonkey attendance template survey that we can share with your paid SurveyMonkey account upon request; it also contains the new categories. Please request this if you are interested in it.

Note: Neither PBPS’s built-in demographics calculator nor OMNI’s downloadable demographics calculator offers a breakdown in the new categories at this time. If you use these tools, bypass any entry into the transgender and/or other categories, and record according to the calculations.

  • Combined Information Dissemination Format Options
    In the past, information dissemination campaigns and activities could fall under two output types: media generated and services provided. This has been streamlined to one output type: media generated. You will now see a full, combined list of media type/formats when you enter an activity in the Implement Channel:

    • Billboard or bus board
    • News article
    • Media campaign
    • Press Release
    • Public Service Announcement (PSA)
    • Radio Spot or Ad
    • Television Spot or Ad
    • Community event or tabling
    • Newsletter
    • Email
    • Social Media post or Ad
    • Website
    • Presentation or Speaking Engagement
    • Other
    • Printed Materials

Note: you will still see old options in the dropdown that are grayed out and no longer selectable. Choose the best fit from the list above. Your FY2020-21 DEP will provide additional guidance on how to enter data of this sort.

Please email us at if you have questions or concerns.