As you may remember from the Kick-Off Meeting, OMNI and DBHDS have updated the ACEs trainings evaluation survey and distribution process. Our hope is that these updates, which are outlined below, will improve the quality of the information you receive, while also making the process simpler for you.

Distributing the Updated Survey

  • Effective immediately, please begin using the updated ACEs Training Evaluation Survey for all ACEs trainings. Please do not use any other evaluation forms or surveys for ACEs trainings! The updated survey is similar to the previous version, but includes changes in content and format. We anticipate that the survey will take training participants approximately 10 minutes to complete.
    • If your CSB has completed ACEs trainings between July 1, 2020 and August 10, 2020 and already used the prior version of the survey, that is not a problem. However, if training attendees have not yet completed a post-training survey you are welcome to provide the updated survey link to participants in these trainings.
  • The new survey is available electronically through the survey platform Qualtrics. (Please note that anyone can access the survey directly. A Qualtrics account is NOT required by the trainees or the CSB to utilize the electronic survey).
  • At the end of an ACEs training, provide participants with this link: []. Participants can complete the survey on any device, including any smart phone or tablet.
    • Survey links can also be emailed to training participants after the training, but we recommend that participants be encouraged to complete the survey before leaving the training room to increase participation.
  • A printable PDF version of the survey is linked here. If a CSB chooses to provide the paper versions of the survey to training participants, the CSB will be responsible for entering these responses into the electronic version using the same link: []

Getting Survey Results

  • On a monthly basis, CSBs will receive an email from OMNI that includes a spreadsheet of your CSB’s raw data (i.e., each verbatim survey response) from ACEs trainings. If you need to request this spreadsheet outside of the monthly distributions, please let us know and we can provide this at any time.

ACEs Evaluation tool in Spanish – coming soon!

  • We will also be sharing a survey link and printable PDF version of the ACEs tool in Spanish. Stay tune for this in the upcoming weeks!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation!