OMNI is taking this opportunity to share some important information regarding entering Block Grant/OPT-R cohort data in PBPS. This will be especially applicable to those who may be closing cohorts soon!

  • For all cohorts, participant demographics should be entered only in the Plan Channel. Once entered in the Plan Channel, the demographics will carry over when you add an activity via the Implement Channel.
  • Cohort demographics should be static in that the demographics in the Plan Channel should reflect everyone who participates in the cohort, whether or not they attend every session. Cohort activity-level demographics should not be changed to reflect what may be varying attendance at one session or another. When you add an implementation activity for a cohort, don’t change demographics that are carried over from the Plan Channel.
  • When you initially create a cohort in the Plan Channel, you are prompted to enter both the demographics of the cohort and the total number of sessions. This should be updated as needed prior to closing a cohort.
    • When you enter an activity for the final session, you will be prompted to close the cohort, but will be given an opportunity to review the cohort’s demographics as entered in the Plan Channel and update them before closing. Please take this opportunity to make sure all cohort participants are represented in the demographic data before closing, and that data is complete – do not default to every participant falling into an “Unknown” category.
    • Whether or not you elect to make any changes to the demographics just prior to closing the cohort, whatever is recorded and saved in the Plan Channel at the time you close your cohort will be what is pulled into all reporting.

Thank you for reviewing this important information. Please contact us at if you have questions or need additional TA on these tips and instructions.