OMNI has compiled a helpful one-sheet of important guidance to help support your ACEs post-training survey administration. We ask those responsible for administering the ACEs post-training survey to review this as soon as possible.

The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that CSBs doing ACEs trainings are collecting correct survey records/responses for the post training evaluation survey. One common error appears to be that some trainees do not identify “sponsoring CSB” correctly. They may check a CSB name that sounds like a familiar locality or even their own CSB or area. We hope to minimize this type of error going forward with this guidance.

The survey is administered to all trainees after each ACEs Training via an electronic online survey in Qualtrics. The sponsoring CSB is responsible for sharing the link along with some basic instructions and survey guidance to all trainees to ensure that data is as accurate and complete as can be. Respondents will need some extra TA from the sponsoring CSBs to ensure certain fields are filled in correctly and completely in the survey. This document will help guide you with this process, and provides some suggested language and even a sample PowerPoint slide for better-sharing instructions with your trainees.

The TA document is saved in in the OMNI TA Resources for CSBs >> ACEs Tools folder.

Here is a direct link to the document: