The Virginia Lottery will be doing a Gift Responsibly Campaign this November and December.  Thought you might want to be aware as you are doing your problem gambling prevention assessment and capacity work.  This is in collaboration with NCPG.  For those who are a member of NCPG, you can see a video in the member section on their gift responsibly campaign.

The Virginia Lottery will:

  • We have a new Gift Responsibly logo this year for use during the holidays. Click here.
  • The new logo will have prominent placement on our website homepage, and link to our Play Responsibly landing page.
  • We plan to send out two news releases: one early in the season, (the day after Thanksgiving), and then one week before Christmas for the last-minute shoppers. Here is the release we sent out last year.
  • We have a radio PSA. Click here. We produced it in-house and we plan to send it out to radio stations statewide in mid-November.
  • We have a media buy on NPR radio stations across Virginia. Here is an example of what we had last year.
  • Our retailer newsletter, “Playbook,” in December will include a reminder to stores that it is against Virginia Law to sell tickets to minors. Click here.
  • We have a paid digital campaign. Basically, those digital ads are the log with a call to action to “click here” to learn more…and it takes you to our Play Responsibly landing page.
  • We will make heavy use of our social media platforms to remind people to gift responsibly. FYI, our Facebook page has more than 142,000 followers, which means a lot of eyes will see these posts.