1. Industry take on tobacco and cannabis – Is Cannabis the Future for Big Tobacco? (prohibitionpartners.com)

Tobacco and Cannabis: A Perfect Match?


The global exodus of consumers from the tobacco market means this industry is now at a turning point, where alternative or additional product lines are vital to the future security of its companies. Among the many alternatives that the tobacco industry is exploring as part of its broad reimagining of its future, cannabis surely represents an opportunity. Numerous tobacco companies have already made investments in the cannabis industry over the past few years, including Altria, Imperial Brands, and most recently British American Tobacco.

  1. ‘It’s A Huge Deal’: Cannabis Ad Platform Co-Founder On Apple’s App Reversal 09/17/2021 (mediapost.com)

Apple’s decision to allow iPhone apps to facilitate cannabis transactions is a big step forward for brands and dispensaries seeking better customer engagement.