Thursday 3/26
 6:30 PM
“Cannabis:  Lighting up the World of the Cannabinoids” 

Dr. Tricia Smith, PhD, Biology Faculty, VCU


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646-558-8656 and the meeting id is 299427496

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In uncertain and chaotic times, resilient folks find innovative ways to support wellness.  Resiliency is a skill set, not a special gift!  As we see how all this plays out with social distancing we will continue to gather via Zoom! Join us!!  Instructions below. Maybe practice getting set up before the meeting and email us if you need tech support.  We know in uncertain times routine and social connection are incredibly important.  We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!


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‘Marijuana isn’t addictive, right?’   A cloud of mystery surrounds marijuana, a popular drug that is becoming more available in the United States.  Cannabis is very different from other drugs; to illustrate this and to understand what’s really going on, we will journey through the world of endocannabinoids (the body’s natural THC).  Come and have all your burning questions answered!


Dr. Tricia Hardt Smith is a faculty member in the Biology Department of the Virginia Commonwealth University and loves drugs!  She is the creator and instructor of the ‘Biology of Drugs’ course which has received rave student reviews since its inception in 2014.   In addition, she is the director of the Molecular Capstone Laboratory course and teaches Cellular and Molecular Biology.  Dr. Smith’s previous research focused primarily on drugs of abuse and has included the electrophysiological effects of morphine on enteric neurons and the effects of protein interactions on the cannabinoid (CB1) receptor. 



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