BRBH Prevention & Wellness Services with funding from the Family Wellness Initiative are very pleased to share the results from our recent presentation “Families at Home with Nowhere to Go”. Along with the feedback, we want to share some of the specific activities that were part of the presentation. Details on how to play are below.

Families at Home Report
Nowhere to Go Challenges
Family Wellness Bingo
25 Questions Game
BRBH FWI Interview

Nowhere to Go Challenges – These are challenges across a variety of fronts offering fun ways to be creative or active. There are three ways to go about this list. The first is to have a friendly competition with another family and see who can earn more points in a given time frame. Maybe the winner gets a domino’s pizza delivery paid for by the other family? The second is to do the same kind of challenge, but with your child. Maybe the winner has to make the other’s bed for a week or something simple like that. The third way to do this is to challenge your child to earn points and then give a reward based on the number of points earned. The more points, the bigger the reward. Some rewards may include things like letting your child decide what is for dinner or letting them decide what movie to watch as a family. Ultimately, the idea is to be active and share.

Family Wellness Bingo – Instead of “numbers” on the bingo card, there are encouragement phrases such as: Get Up And Stretch Your Body”, “Do Five Jumping Jacks”, “Give Someone In The Room A Compliment”, etc. Do whatever is in the box to get Bingo!

25 Questions – Fill what you think your child will answer and have them do the same. Then see how well you did. Talk about anything you got wrong. Has it always been that way or has something changed? If it’s changed, ask why? Share how you knew an answer or two. “I know your favorite desert because you always ask grandma to make it for you whenever we visit her.”

Interview a Family Member or Close Friend – This is a very simple activity that will hopefully lead to a deeper, more meaningful conversation with your child. This can be done with you being interviewed or with you being the interviewer. It can also be done with multiple people. In fact, a great way to build on this is if everyone in your family is interviewed by someone else and than everyone gets together to share the responses of the person they interviewed. You may be surprised at what you learn about each other.

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  • Very useful!

    • Thank you very much Erima! If you would like PDFs of the activities to share or post, please let me know. I’d be happy to e-mail them to you. J. D.

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