Greetings CSBs,

In your file area, in the folder called “OMNI TA Resources for CSBs”, you will find a subfolder called “Sample Sign In Forms.” OMNI has had these sign in forms — attendance logs, essentially — in place for a while now, as a means to help you track attendance at meetings, trainings, or events while collecting demographics that align with data entry into PBPS.

Given the change to mostly virtual meetings and events in 2020, OMNI has developed a SurveyMonkey template survey that contains the same content and serves the same purpose. It, along with the paper tools, are up-to-date with the new gender category addition, as well.

If you would like a copy of this short online survey tool transferred to your CSB’s SurveyMonkey account (must be a paid account) to use for attendance and demographics tracking for your virtual trainings and meetings, please email with the name of your SurveyMonkey account (no password is needed). Our team will transfer a copy of the survey to your account for your use as you see fit.

If you have questions, contact our TA Team at


OMNI Evaluation TA Team