Empower Series continues on Tuesday and will dive into the topic of reducing food insecurity as we begin a new four-part group of webinars focused on Using Social Determinants of Health to Change Health Outcomes Where They Start.
And remember, Empower Series events continue to be free and open to all attendees who register.
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The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates and commands attention to our country’s racial health disparities and the critical role social determinants of health have (i.e., socio-economic and environmental conditions) on health risks and outcomes.
Obesity prevalence emerged to be a contributor to severe cases of COVID-19 infection in addition to other debilitating chronic conditions. We know that healthy food access is critical for obesity prevention. We also know that the economic fallout from COVID-19 makes it challenging for many families to afford a healthy diet.
We must seek to understand how external forces contribute to the greater crisis of low access to healthy foods and how we can use this knowledge to advance racial and health equity.


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