D19 CSB, CAAN-DUU and Team Sav-A-Life  have recently partnered with our law enforcement leaders to launch our first mass distribution project throughout the nine (9) PD19 localities: local law enforcement, first responders and emergency personnel – including @ Ft. Lee – have been asked to help distribute gun locks during emergency, DV-related and wellness visits during the pandemic to help support ongoing D19, CAAN-DUU and Team Sav-A-Life efforts to help prevent further harm to every PD19 citizen from accidental and intentional gunshot wounds to self and others.  To date, we’ve received verbal commitment from our military community partners, local sheriff and/or police dept. reps in Petersburg, as well as verbal agreement/commitment from the local LE academy trainers working with newly hired officers and those LE personnel attending annual workshops, etc.

Regina Smith