The OMNI and DBHDS Teams invite you to join in our second CSB Community Forum of 2021. This time, per popular request, we will provide the opportunity for a facilitated discussion on evaluation planning and next steps in the evaluation roadmap process.

OMNI will provide a very quick refresher on the “Evaluation Roadmaps” that we’ve all worked on together, and then share together some ideas about where the Evaluation Roadmap might lead you next. This is a forum in which CSBs can hear and learn from each other about how they might use elements of evaluation planning in implementing prevention work.

We’ll hear from two CSBs that have been successfully leveraging their evaluation planning and we’ll break into smaller groups so CSBs can share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other, before coming back to share some points with the larger group.

Before we leave, OMNI will give a quick year-end wrap-up overview for this fiscal year’s evaluation planning/reporting activity.

Please click here to register for the CSB Community Forum on Evaluation Planning: The Road Ahead.


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