Thank you to those who were able to attend our webinar on Tuesday. The recording and slides are now available in your VA POST resources Dropbox folder.
You can access the personalized infographic PDFs for every CSB here: If you are unable to access Dropbox or you are interested in a different file format, you can reach out to me or Colleen.
Here are a few important things to keep in mind about the data included in the infographics:
  1. The data analyzed includes stores that were able to be surveyed and that sold tobacco, so the number of assessments included in each CSB may vary from the total number of visits completed.
  2. We analyzed Cycle 2 data (2018-2020) if your CSB had completed visits for at least 50% of retailers. If this was not the case, we used Cycle 1 data (2016-2018). The density & proximity maps include all active tobacco retailers in POST as of December 2020.
  3. Each item is the % of total responses for that question – so for example, looking at the “Product Availability” infographic, you may see that 57.4% of stores sold e-cigarettes, and of those, 95.1% sold flavored e-cigarettes.
There are now two new user roles available for VA POST, local view and open data collector. All users have now been upgraded to the local view version of their current user role. If this is a problem for you, please reach out and we can restore your statewide view. Campaign Managers now have the ability to assign users as Open Data Collectors if this would be helpful.
Lastly, if you attended the webinar (or just want to provide ideas for future Counter Tools training), please complete this very brief evaluation.