There has been a lot of concern about how entering trainings such as MHFA is entered into the PBPS. We (CPG, OMNI, and myself) came together and decided that we will allow these types of  trainings to be entered under “Campaign” and not just “Cohorts”. Please understand that if you have already entered these trainings under cohorts, you do not have to go in and delete or change them. You can leave those in the PBPS as they are. Going forward, you can now enter these trainings as Campaigns.

We thank you all for your feedback and the system is now coded so that these trainings can be entered in as a campaign whether they are 1 or stretched out over multiple days. The logic that OMNI recommended for these strategies is Community Action -> Community-Based Processes -> Community and Volunteer Training.

OMNI will be updating Data Entry Plans accordingly and will send the updated ones to communities!

Other trainings such as ASIST, QPR Gatekeeper, SafeTALK, and KOGNITO will also be listed in the Plan Channel for Campaigns.