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Are some of you a little confused or unsure of the ZOOM program for presenting MHFA Virtual? Well, I am posting this because I am sure several of us out there or those that have staff who are all MHFA Virtual Instructors will appreciate this. Below you will find several videos provided by The National Council on the MHFA website on the Instructor section.


Past Q&A Webinars

Overview Q&A Sessions

Thursday, June 18 Recording

Friday, June 19 Recording

Tuesday, June 23 Recording

Wednesday, June 24 Recording

Tuesday, June 30 Recording

Wednesday, July 8 Recording

Friday, July 10 Recording

Wednesday, July 15 Recording

Becoming Certified Q&A Sessions

Monday, June 29 Recording

Thursday, July 9 Recording

Tuesday, July 14 Recording

Thursday, July 16 Recording

Thursday, July 23 Recording

Wednesday, July 29 Recording

Wednesday, August 12 Recording

Coordinator/Organization Q&A Sessions 

Monday, June 22 Recording

Wednesday, July 1 Recording

Monday, July 13 Recording

Wednesday, July 22 Recording


Upcoming Coffee Break Demos

Mental Health First Aid is now offering short, “coffee break” segments where our National Trainers will dive into how the different Adult and Youth MHFA exercises are presented virtually. Instructors can see how to set-up polls and breakout rooms, see a walk-through of the virtual hallway, learn general tips and engagement strategies, and more!

All demos are recorded and will be posted on this page for viewing. Sessions are capped, so if one session is full, please select another.

Past Coffee Break Demos

“Tech Check” – A walk through of the tech pieces (Zoom app, video, audio, lighting, background).


“Let’s Get Zoom’d” – Screen Share: PowerPoint, Screen Share: Whiteboard (instructor and audience usage), Chat: how to use and monitor; for one or two instructors, Viewing: how to see everyone while sharing the PowerPoint, plus pinning, hiding self view, etc.


“Breaking Down the Breakout Rooms” – A walk through of how to set-up any breakout room activity, create and label rooms, jump from room to room, utilize all options, deliver materials, debrief without skimping.


“Poll Set Up” – A walk through creating a poll(s) based on MHFA documents. “Ready. Set. Go.” – A walk through of how to set yourself up for success immediately before your virtual course. This session will cover renaming/adding pronouns; preparing whiteboard/ppt template for comfort agreement, videos downloaded & ready to go, google countdown clock ready, have everything ready to upload ready, PPG, self care plan, scenarios.


“Auditory Hallucinations” exercise – Adult: Walk through of how to set up, facilitate, and debrief the activity. Discuss how to facilitate with one or two instructors. Youth: Walk through of how to set up, facilitate, and debrief the activity. Discuss how to facilitate with one or two instructors.


“Let’s Meet in the Virtual Hallway” – A walk through of the introduction and use of the Virtual Hallway concept, and preview of how to manage.


“Listening/Not Listening” – A walk through of the set up, facilitation of exercise & demonstration/unpacking of debrief.


“Please hold – Fidelity to Fun” General tips & engagement strategies – A walk through of how to engage and ramp up the fun/energy around breaks and during technical issues.


“Asking the Question” – A walk through of the exercise from set up to debrief to ensure fidelity and safety of all participants.


Scenarios – A walk through of the running of the Scenarios, with particular attention to recreating the same groups for scenes 2-3.