Hi Everyone,

As I prepare for next year’s mental health block grant, I wanted to check in with prevention staff to hear what requests you may have to support behavioral health equity in your communities.

Here are some of the activities I am planning on for the next fiscal year:

  • Return of the Behavioral Health Equity Summit
  • Behavioral Health Equity Mini-Grants with a longer timeline and greater funding opportunities
  • Continued virtual training opportunities with contact hours
  • Strategic planning sessions for CSB equity/DEI/multicultural committees.
  • An expansion of language access services with more streamlined systems and requests for translated documents
  • A focus group report on experiences of LGBTQ+ Virginians navigating the behavioral healthcare system
  • Release and promotion of the Behavioral Healthcare Index 2.0 that will have zip code level data showing prevalence of SMI, SED & SUD

Let me know what topics, programing and educational opportunities you would like to see more of. I would appreciate any insight, feedback or suggestions you may have. You are always welcome to reach out to me directly, even just to strategize around an incomplete idea.

In the meantime, if you would like to be kept up to date with various programming I am offering, please join my email list here and check out some of the recordings of past workshops offered below

Thank you,

Glencora / glencora.gudger@dbhds.virginia.gov


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