Ensure Prevention Included in Future COVID 19 Legislation


BACKGROUND/ISSUE                                                                                              May 5, 2020

Congress is starting to work on a fourth piece of legislation to address the issues due to COVID 19. The third COVID 19 Act, CARES, included $100 million for SAMHSA to provide to the states to address mental health and substance use issues – all of which is only for treatment. In these terribly stressful times, it is more crucial than ever that additional funding for substance use prevention strategies, activities and programming be made available to help mitigate the heightened risks of substance use and misuse. It is critical that members of Congress hear from our field that any additional funding included in future COVID 19 bills to address mental health and substance use issues, must explicitly make substance use prevention an allowable use of these funds.



Use CADCA’s system to send letters to your congressional delegation to ask them to ensure that any new funding included for mental health and substance use issues related to COVID 19 explicitly include substance use prevention as an allowable use of funds.

CADCA’s legislative alerts use your home address to send letters to your members of Congress, from you, as one of their constituents. Click here to send a letter to the members of your Congressional delegation, as a constituent.


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