Attendance Sign-in Sheets for Tracking Demographics The OMNI TA Team has prepared two tools to help CSB’s collect demographics for PBPS data entry. These attendance or “sign-in sheets” are designed to facilitate the collection of demographic data for people attending smaller events, such as trainings, speaking engagements, or classes. The demographic information requested on the sheets corresponds to the demographic fields and categorical breakdowns in PBPS. One of the two sheets is designed to allow for attendee names to be recorded and the other is anonymous. Each sheet provides an example of how people should fill it out. You can find the sheets in OMNI Resources-Data Entry documents. TA TIPS: CSB’s could consider placing a sheet at a sign-in table for attendees to fill out as they enter an event, or perhaps circulate a sheet among a group of participants/attendees. The tools may also facilitate collecting your actual coalition cohort demographics for entry in PBPS.  We hope you find these useful. Please reach out to with questions.