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US Alcohol Policy Alliance

Federal Alcohol Tax Cuts Are At Risk of Becoming Permanent This Month  

We need your help to stand against special interests that will stop at nothing in their pursuit of alcohol tax cuts that harm Americans.  

The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA), passed in 2017 and extended through the end of 2020, was originally intended to help small local breweries and distilleries compete; however, most tax cuts resulting from CBMTRA go to large distillery corporations and foreign importers, which hurts American taxpayers while increasing alcohol- related injury, death, and crime. Now the alcohol industry is pushing to make these tax cuts permanent.  

There are only days left before the House and Senate vote on these bills.  


As Congress considers legislation to make these tax cuts (S. 362; H.R. 1175) permanent, we urge you to educate your elected officials on the significant harms these cuts pose to public health and safety:  

Over 95,000 Americans die from alcohol-related causes each year due to excessive alcohol use. These deaths account for 1 in 10 total deaths among working-age adults aged 20 to 64 years and are entirely preventable through stronger alcohol policies. Independent, peer-reviewed scientific research is clear, increasing alcohol taxes saves lives and results in fewer instances of alcohol-impaired driving, alcohol-related crimes, alcohol-related cancers, liver cirrhosis, unintended pregnancies and suicides.  

Alcohol tax decreases are never a good idea, but especially not now. Making this tax cut permanent will add additional pressures to an already burdened health care system.
Excessive alcohol use hurts the larger economy to the tune of $249 billion, or $2.05 a drink.  

Before the decrease in 2017 alcohol taxes were already too low. Federal alcohol excise taxes have not been raised since 1991, while the average inflation-adjusted value of states’ excise taxes has declined by about 30%.  

This is the wrong direction.  

The alcohol industry is trying to make even more money, but the focus should be on American lives, not corporate profits. The research is very clear: alcohol taxes save lives 

The time to act is NOW! These bills will be voted on in the next week. Please contact your Senators and Representatives today to let them know that this is the wrong direction for America.  

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