Instead of conducting in person outreach for Alcohol Awareness Month, the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria (SAPCA) has worked with our City communications department to create appropriate social media messaging to share on our platforms targeting adults (Twitter: @SAPCA_AlexVA Facebook: @SAPCAlexandria) and targeting teens (Twitter: @AlexTeenLife Instagram: @AlexandriaTeenLife). Content has started to go out and will continue to be shared through the end of April. Please feel free to repost/reshare any of our social media posts (either directly from these channels or by copying and pasting if easier).

We also worked with City communications to create and share information reminding residents about healthy coping mechanisms and the dangers of using alcohol to cope. This article was shared on social media, as well as in City-wide alerts to residents that sign up for regular updates. The link to this article can be found here:

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  • I just checked out the posts on my personal Facebook–great work! Later today I’ll log on to OBHW Facebook and share one of these (if my colleagues don’t beat me to it.) Thanks for sharing!

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