Greetings All!

I hope everyone is staying safe, motivated and realize how essential you are in the continued BH Wellness in our communities!

CADCA has just decided to make CADCA Mid-Year Virtual allowing greater access, especially for youth participation! Please “send” as many youth to Mid-Year as possible along with your coalition members so that the online version is a SUCCESS! It will get youth motivated and energized at a time when they, as you know, need positive social engagement!

I cannot say enough about CADCA’s role in keeping prevention resources coming to the state through the SABG and DFC grants! They are working hard right now to get future COVID19 funding added to the SABG base to ensure that Prevention gets at least 20%. The SAMHSA COVID19 grant left prevention out completely!  Since we still have to make sure our federal funds are spent, please sign up for CADCA Mid-Year. Additionally as I said on the call on Friday, NPN will be virtual also! More information to come! Stay well! Gail