Greetings CSBs!

OMNI has updated the Uniform Crime Reports Tab on the VASIS Dashboard. You can now access 2019 Uniform Crime Reports data HERE! Arrests for Virginia drug/narcotic violations are provided by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Research Center, from the Virginia Uniform Crime Reports(UCR). Virginia UCR data are submitted by local law enforcement agencies to the Incident-Based Crime Reporting Repository, administered by the Virginia Department of State Police. Data are available at the Statewide, Locality, CSB, and Region level.

The tab includes the following data by:

  • Years (2009-2019)
  • Drug (e.g., all drugs, amphetamines, cocaine, etc.)
  • Arrest Type (e.g., buying/receiving, distributing/selling, etc.)
  • Map Type (Locality, CSB, Region)

Please reach out to with any questions.

The VASIS Team


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