We JUST received our Year 2 Funding Notice of Award an hour ago! To be considered for continued funding at the same level you received last year, I will need the following by COB April 27, 2018:

  • In your May 2017- April 2018 Logic Model, under the activities column in a different color font, what was achieved.
  • A budget showing expenditures accounting for the total allocation.
  • Examples of any media materials developed.
  • A May 2018-April 2019 Logic Model and Proposed budget (same amount as last year) make sure the cost of the CPGSI Data System License is included. PFS Grantees, add$2100 to your $30,000. All other grantees, the $2100 is included in your award amount.
  • Please submit electronically to me at

We’ll be reviewing all of the info submitted and data from CPGSI data system to determine next year’s grantees.

If you have any questions, please post them to the PORTAL so that everyone will see the response.

Thanks for all you do! Gail