Kay Springfield from VACSB has a great idea!!!!  Please see her message below:

Hey everyone – I had this thought the other morning (a “work mare”!) about “your” billboards.  Gail, –had mentioned– on our call that –she– were getting pictures of the awesome billboards around the state?  I was thinking of printing them on small posters and displaying them at the exhibit tables.  We are always looking for something to “drive” folks to the exhibitors!  THEN, Jennifer Faison had the bright idea of displaying with the coordinates so people would have to figure out where in the state the billboard is located!!

Let me know what you think!”


Kay Springfield

Administrative Manager



We think this would be an awesome idea!!! So please, email high quality pictures along with the the following information of the billboard to Kay Springfield at kspringfield@vacsb.org

Title of media campaign
Target population of the campaign
Number reached
Short description of the campaign