The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority sold nearly 71 million bottles in 2019 on the way to its 21st consecutive year with record sales.

In August, the agency announced its revenue for fiscal year 2019 eclipsed $1 billion for the first time in history.

With over $1.054 billion in gross sales in 2019, Virginia ABC reported a $67 million uptick in sales from the previous year, according to its recently released annual report (linked below).

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  • And I’m old enough to remember when the idea of giving a percentage of “Sunday Sales” for Behavioral Health Wellness Services was in fashion.

    From the report, “Sunday sales also continued to play a role in rising revenue, increasing by 7.4% in fiscal year 2019
    to $79 million.”

  • Thanks, Michelle. Everyone, the report is worth a quick read. ABC was so excited about reaching a billion in sales they created a logo for it.

    Imagine running a company with numbers like the following: “The $1 billion revenue spurred the Authority to its 21st consecutive record-breaking fiscal year…
    1.) Gross sales were over $1.054 billion, up $67 million from the previous year.
    2.) Retail sales increased by 7.1% and licensee sales (sales to restaurants) grew 6.3%.
    3.) Total cases shipped to Virginia ABC stores was up 5.03% to 5,316,778.
    4.) A total of $499.5 million to the Commonwealth, up $34.8 million over the previous year.
    5.) $196.7 million in profits from sales.
    6.) $223 million in retail taxes.
    7.) $79.8 million in wine and beer taxes.
    8.) $65.4 million of the disbursements were designated for the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

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