Greetings CSBs and Communities,

There has been much good prevention-related COVID information being shared on the VA Prevention Works Portal, in newsletters, and in emails. In an effort to consolidate resources into one central hub, we have put together and started populating a shared Google Sheet (similar to Excel) that all can review, edit, or add to.

Link here to the COVID Resourse Google Sheet.

Once you open the Google Sheet, you can review, edit, add. The sheet will ‘auto-save’ what you enter (i.e., no need to hit a ‘Save’ button). There is also a “Download” option under the File menu item, as well, if you’d like to save this to your computer, though it will save in its current version and not reflect any future updates.

We will update this periodically on our end, and welcome all of you to add to it as well. We’ve added a Comment column if you wish to make notes for each resource listed.

Please email if you have questions.

Thank you!

OMNI Evaluation Team