We apologize now for the short notice but this Opt-R information request was just sent to Gail Taylor from SAMHSA/CSAP. As you may know, the STR is a fast moving program with close monitoring from Congress. In light of the demand for grant program progress information and regular status updates, management is requesting weekly prevention opioid status reports.  For the next couple weeks, Gail is requesting that all OPT-R Grantees please provide us with the following information:

  • Specific prevention activities
  • relevant numbers for participation and/or distribution as applicable

You can also share:

  • Any training requested and/or received
  • significant meetings, policies, practices or procedures planed, developed or implemented

I will follow up with another post to let you all know how to submit this information. This weekly report is due every Wed by close of business, therefore, we are asking everyone to please submit your information to us by noon on Wednesday until further notice.  Again, I will send another email with instructions on how to submit this data to us.


One Responses

  • How do you want this information submitted? By email? To who?

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