It has been an extremely busy week this week but fortunately with some good things! The Notice of Awards (NOAs) went out yesterday for the Prevention portion of OPT-R. I know many hoped for more resources, as did I, but Prevention didn’t get any additional funding. We had hoped to,  but it didn’t happen. We funded 35 out of the 40 CSBs. There is $77,000 left over that will have to address the possible need of the 5 CSBs that were not funded. The funding will come out on the June 1 warrant to the CSBs.

A bit a good news is that I said the OPT-R license would be more than it actually is! The license is actually $1000 so please reallocate the difference into another category of your choice!

Governot Northam came to visit DBHDS yesterday. We were all gathered on the first floor for his remarks. One of his VERY FIRST remarks is that PREVENTION is a PRIORITY for him! YAY-RAH!!!! He stayed quite awhile and interacted with the DBHDS staff so I had an opportunity to introduce myself and chat about the scope of prevention work and highlighted the Eastern Shore ACES pilot…that is where he is from!

I ask that you keep your data updated and keep posting events and highlights of your work so I will have it to pull from to meet the numerous requests that I am receiving for information on what is being done in the communities. Tuesday I shared some of the Prevention OPT-R media work and the data collected across all strategies in a briefing for Sec. Cary, Deputy Sec. Figueroa, Commissioner Melton and Chief Deputy Signer. Yesterday I shared it with the Governor’s Executive Leadership team on Opioids as requested. Remember, not everything is in numbers, so always share your success stories on the Portal so I can share them too!!!

Once again, thanks for all you do!!!!

All the Best!


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  • Hello Gail,
    As usual exemplary work on the importance of educating and preventing! You have always believed and have demonstrated prevention is a most important priority in behavioral wellness. Always admiring your gumption, professionalism and determined position. Thank you for all you do and for making us proud in leading ahead in our communities with the conviction that PREVENTION IS IT!!! I hope to see you soon.

  • Hi Again Gail,
    Can you please share the time frames for the OPT-R Grant? Will it start and end with the state Fiscal Year?
    Thank you!
    Cheryl MK

  • Gail, we appreciate all that you and your staff are doing to support and promote prevention at the state and national level. Was the notice of award sent electronically or through the mail? Was it sent to the attention of the CEO or the Prevention Directors? I have not seen anything as of yet.

    • Jan-
      Thanks for the kind words! Sheree sent them out on behalf yesterday. I know they were electronic so let me check to see. Gail

  • Greetings Gail!!! 🙂
    It is so fantastic that you were able to provide 35 CSBs with this immensely important funding! We greatly appreaicate your concentrated efforts to represent the fantastic work that is happening in Prevention throughout Virginia through your guidance and leadership! Thank you for all of efforts and dedication to represent and enthusiastically portray the key strategies that are producing positive outcomes in our local communities in our great state!

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