Thank you all for being on top of getting merchant education/assessment visits underway!  I do not have an update on the counter mats. I’m not sure where they are in the process, so at this point, if they are not already in production, we are not going to use them. I will make sure we have them for the next 2-year cycle beginning July 1, 2020.

Please do not wait to visit your retailers.  I had a very eye-opening conversation with a retailer who called me earlier this week wanting clarification as to when Tobacco 21 would be taking effect.  I informed him that it was effective six months ago in Virginia.  He never received any communication regarding it and was truly distraught knowing that he has been breaking the law.  I’m sure he is not alone.

Thank you for all of the work you’re doing.  Know that you are creating healthier communities with each visit!


Many thanks,