We have our coalition that is very interested in becoming involved in the Lock and Talk boxes to hand them out for National Night Out. How do I go about purchasing the boxes and is there a training that I can send our new Behavioral Health and Wellness coordinator to along with a coalition member?

My email is bengelhorn@sscsb.org

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  • We use Taylor Business Products , too. They are very responsive to meeting your budget and deadlines. Let me know if you need additional information.

  • We just ordered and received our Lock boxes from Ray Wilkins from Taylor Business Products. We got them very quickly from them. http://www.taylorbusinessproducts.com Hope that helps.

  • Please contact Becky Textor, HPR1 Suicide Prevention Coordinator. rtextor@vcsb.org

    Becky and Nicole Gore work together on the Lock and Talk Virginia trainings.

    There’s a new sales rep for the medication lock boxes.

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